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August 16, 2010

Saint-Felicien to Roberval: Caught in the perfect storm

We have enjoyed the luxury of time around Lac St. Jean. We allowed ourselves a week to travel 260 km which has given us shorter daily distances and the option of rest days.

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Hebergement Girard was another highlight for us. Ginette Girard also has a catering business and her breakfast was exceptional. She spoke no English, but her humour and caring nature made anything possible. At one point, she was intently watching Barry eat his breakfast (a full serving of toast, eggs, potatoes, ham, etc) and with much concern indicated that she thought he needed more food as he had to ride all day. Before he knew it, he was presented with another full plate: a large crepe adorned with maple butter, fresh fruit and maple syrup. He was happy. I'm sure if he had glanced her way, he would have had another plate of food.

This is how our breakfast began at Hebergement Girard.
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Mary Ellen enjoyed the best french toast of her life, followed by a second plate of crepes. We actually tried to stay another night, but she had no vacancy. A lovely bedroom with bathrobes, our own sitting room, a tiny swimming pool and some of the best food of our trip, all for $65, incl. tax.

Ginette Girard - our wonderful hostess.
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At this point, we are thinking....camping? that will wait for B.C.Speaking of BC, we have discovered why Quebecers are confused when we say we are from BC as they know it as "Columbia Brittanique" that is, "C.B."not B.C.As we were leaving Saint-Felicien we were caught by the most violent of thunder/lightning rain storms. One moment we had blue skies and within seconds, a vicious wind arose and the skies opened. We were drenched in seconds and quickly tore into the only open door we could find. Others had done the same and we took refuge in the tiny vestibule of a fitness gym. They kindly lent us towels as we were soaking wet.The other casualty was our camera. A few days ago, the camera fell onto the ground and during the deluge, the camera got wet inside. Oh well, we will have to look for another camera.

We had intended to stop at an historic cheese factory in Saint Prime and an historic village, Val-Jalbert, but we kept moving to keep ahead of the black clouds. It was enjoyable to follow the lake once again.

We pulled into Roberval and booked into our room, just before the rain started. Our third day of rain in a row.

Today's ride: 40 km (25 miles)
Total: 1,404 km (872 miles)

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