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August 8, 2009

Off we go


With a bit of a rush we have made it to the airport. We’re actually leaving the place in amazingly good order. “Give me a deadline” has worked. The cattle have been moved to good grass. I’ve held them back for weeks feeing hay and today we have given them some actual grass. Hopefully Brent won’t have to give them too much hay – they will certainly need some. The grape shed is tidy, we have racked and topped up the wine. Vineyard is all pruned and sprayed and a little bit of replacement (with Pinot Gris) long ago done. Brent has had a good look at things. The two pet lambs will still need a one a day feed for a while. All the lambs are tailed and castrated.


The shuttle arrived on the dot and check in was surprisingly easy. We were only going as far as Brisbane so we could spend a couple of days with our daughter and family. This is a very short flight – only about 3hours. Brisbane Customs thought we looked a biosecurity risk so we were directed to the search area with all the drug dealers. The bikes were declared ‘clean’ and off we went to freedom to meet Jane and the kids – I felt we were fairly cool but everything fell off the trolley as we were making our escape.

Get us out of here - there is nothing to eat even if we could see through the fog
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Off to better pastures
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The grass looks better here and they still want us to move on
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The shuttle arrives - it is really going to happen
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