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March 6, 2022

Getting a feel for the new handlebars

A bit warmer than the previous week, but still hovering around freezing, we headed out on a beautiful, sunny morning for a ride on the Okanagan Rail Trail. I know I need to start training with loaded panniers but for today we just wanted to test the new handlebars on the bikes.

We were both experiencing a bit of wrist, shoulder and neck pain from our rides and attributed it to our flat handlebars.  After some research we thought the Jones bars would be perfect. However after discovering how much they would cost, over 200 dollars  each, we decided we don't need pretty as long as we can ride pain free.

My new improved handlebars
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We bought a bar with a 35 degree sweep and added an extender for all of our gadgets.  This worked out to a much lower price of 60 dollars each.  They felt very comfortable from the get go.  I think we have a winner folks.

There were 3 deer trying to find their way around a fence
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This rail trail extends from Coldstream in Vernon to Kelowna. There is one section that is yet to be established that would link the trail between Lake Country and the Kelowna airport.  The trail will then extend all the way to the shores of Okanagan Lake in downtown Kelowna for a span of almost 50 kilometers  once completed.

They must have faith in their ability not to fall into that cold water.
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It was a beautiful ride and the trail was busy with young families out for a leisurely Sunday walk.  There were a few other bikers out enjoying the sunshine as well.

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There are some beautiful multi-colored cliffs along this trail rising up from the waters edge.  It was a bit unnerving riding under the cliffs where the trail was blanketed in fallen rock.  Some, small pebbles but also plenty of big boulders.

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Sections of the trail were covered in fallen rock
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This bolder must of been impressive rolling down the cliff
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We rode as far as the provincial park where we took a break watching a fella fly fishing. We decided to turn around at this point and head back. We've yet to figure out how to keep our feet warm and we couldn't feel our toes.  Unfortunately there is snow in the forecast for this coming week which could limit our riding.

It is days like this, where the lake is flat as a pancake and the sun is shining that I miss my kayak
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