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September 8, 2018

This Chick Will Ride Anything

Flexing the operated knee is the basic idea of most of the standard physio on a knee replacement. This is generally coupled with stretching. But that knee has to bend. The simplest version of this is to sit in a chair , where the bad leg will typically stick out rather straight. Then the game is to bend it back in.

One way is to use your muscles to pull it in. This can be easier said than done.  So you may hook the bad leg with the good and drag it in. Or you can leave the foot of the bad leg in place, but scootch your bottom forward, causing the knee to bend.

The really fun way to make the knee bend is to get on your (trainer) bike.  But a complete revolution is too much bend (right now). Dodie found this out when the pedals accidentally went all the way the other day. Yeeeooww!

But how about this one. In the true spirit of being a desk jockey, Dodie got on the rolly desk chair. It easily and controllably moves back and forth. If the feet are fixed on the ground, the knees are bending!

Dodie did a lot of this today, and a lot of the other moves. That was before getting an email from Maun Alston, warning about overdoing it. Dodie is now sitting with ice on all sides,looking at increased swelling, and yelping softly.

Tomorrow, I bet, she'll be back at it!

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Laurie MarczakInsert lecture... here ...about overdoing it. That said - mom is kicking ass at this knee surgery thing.
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4 years ago
Kathleen ClassenI learned my lesson about overdoing it the hard way and it set me back. Tread carefully. There is a fine line that is hard to define between pushing it and overdoing it!!!! Dodie is a keener 😁 and she will figure it out 👍.
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4 years ago
Tricia GrahamCongratulations on getting the pedal right over! It hurts like hell the first time but it means that you are on your way. Once I could do that it was the main form of rehab I did and meant that I could ride a real bike at 5weeks
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4 years ago