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August 25, 2018

Are You Kidding?

August 20 was a Monday, and we were told the hospital would call Friday to let Dodie know what time to show up. So on Friday she anxiously sat with the phone, waiting for the call that had been anticipated for a year and a half. The phone rang. "Are you kidding?". The surgeon's receptionist was reporting that some sort of emergency had caused the Monday date to be cancelled. "So then when, two days, two years??". She had no idea, maybe next week there will be more info.

Needless to say that made for a stressful weekend. There was really nothing for it. Well, one could freak out, declare the pain no longer bearable, call an ambulance.  But what could Emergency do?  Maybe sedate you, for two days, two years??

By Monday we learned that rather then getting bumped to the end of the line, Dodie would be up next, causing a whole chain of bumping for all the scheduled patients.  The new date -Monday.

So this was something we were familiar with - wait for the call on Friday, gear up for Monday. And the call came - so far no glitches. So here we are, writing this on Saturday/Sunday. Dodie's bags are packed, she's ready to go. Stay tuned.

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Marvin PaxmanFingers are crossed. Hope that the next time we see you the surgery will be done. We are currently in Victoria more than in Mill Bay because we are caring for Matt's kids until Wednesday.
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3 years ago
Sue PriceKeeping you in our thoughts and hoping it goes smoothly. What a trooper you are, Dodie!
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3 years ago