Preparations are short and sweet when on a last minute tour - The ride smarter, not harder tour - CycleBlaze

Preparations are short and sweet when on a last minute tour

After coming up with my grand scheme over the weekend, I've been waffling. Should I take off work (even just one afternoon)? It seems selfish to spend this money touring alone. It's also a bit scary and lonely feeling to be going alone. I've never done more than an overnight trip by myself. The route is all familiar ground, but I'm alone!

What am I concerned about? Not safety . . . . either on the road or in the evening alone in the room. I have to think about this a little. Food. I'm concerned about food. Are you surprised? I think Jacinto has rubbed off on me. Food is important. It's especially important as a touring cyclist! I'm uncomfortable going to a real restaurant and eating alone. I've never done that. Ever. I either go to a grocery deli or a fast food place. While touring, I like real food . . . what shall I do?

I am planning to carry food with me, at least for the first night. Typically when going to Redstone, I buy a burrito in Carbondale for dinner. I'm also eating with my mother one night. See? I can figure this out. That leaves only one dinner unplanned. I can order take out!

I said my goal weight was under ten pounds without food/water. But that doesn't mean I want to load down with food! I will only pass through towns on my first day. After that, once I leave town, I will be riding through the wild yonder until I arrive at my overnight spot.

OK, I admit it. I just can't leave on a serious climbing trip without taking along Spiz. I hope not to use it. I know on a hard effort day, I can depend on Spiz. I'm taking it, just in case.I have six bars. A bag of salted nuts. Breakfast for three days, although I only need two. Perpetuem tablets that I hope to successfully use instead of Spiz. What does all of this weigh? Three pounds! Something has to go. I do not need all of this food.
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Food has been discussed. Now let's move to the weather. It's early May. It snowed last night in the mountains. Where am I headed? Yep. The wind looks calm and it's not supposed to rain or snow where I'm going when I'm there . . . . but. I am bringing all of my cold weather gear.

I overthink things. That can be good. I plan some awesome bicycle tours. But sometimes it's nice to have a wild idea and just follow through. I know a four day motel trip is not what most people would consider a wild idea, but I'm alone!

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