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June 12, 2019

Day 7 - Mont Ventoux encore une fois

The profile of the climb.
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Today was Mont Ventoux day from Malaucène.  This is 21km up with an average grade of 7.5% over the entire length.  However, there are several sections well into double digits and an especially nasty section in the middle of 3 km averaging 11-12% for the entire time.  The weather was cool which was great for the way up but I almost froze on the way down.  I was actually shivering at times despite having a jacket and full finger gloves with me.  We had a celebratory pizza and beer in Malaucène before riding back to Vaison.   For a special treat at happy hour tonight we had a wine tasting from a local vineyard that is family owned and now run by the 11th generation.  It has been in operation since the 1600s.  I did not particularly enjoy the wines but then again I am not a fan of the grapes used in this region.  

As for the numbers for today’s ride:

Distance for the day 62.4km

Climb length 21 km

Total climbing 5685ft

Height of climb 6300ft

Time to top from Malaucène 2 hrs 45 min

Max speed on the way down 60.8kph

This was the 2nd time for me and I AM NEVER DOING IT AGAIN!!!!

There is a km marker like this one on every km counting down to the top. There were 3 in a row of 12, 11 & 11% followed by another 11% closer to the top. These made 8% seem easy.
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The view of the top from a curve about 2km from the top.
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You can tell by the look on our faces that this is not easy.
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Almost there.
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This is what we looked like when we first got there, not pretty.
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After some recovery H&C look better.
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The Canadians who made it.
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The Trilogy crowd and me.
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Christopher doing the dead mans float in the pool after the ride.
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Syd with the young lady from the vineyard at our wine tasting last night.
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Today's ride: 62 km (39 miles)
Total: 199 km (124 miles)

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Lise MathieuWell done on doing it again...never say never though!!!
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