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June 20, 2019


A Long Short Flight

Our side trip to Berlin was too short, but so worthwhile. Seeing Wolfgang and Anne, and enjoying their wonderful hospitality was just such a pleasure.  As Keith said, when he and Wolfgang get together it is like there has never been any time or distance. They just laugh, reminisce and tease each other and Anne and I just laugh right along with them. Good friends are such a treasure. 

Good friends.
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We had a wonderful morning together. We were asking some questions and Wolfgang pulled out some of his father’s photo albums. The pictures were so interesting. They were of Berlin and holiday photos from between the wars. We were fascinated. 

Wolfgang’s Dad on a bike trip.
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Then came that short, long flight. We were very relaxed, which was a good thing,  because first the flight was delayed an hour because of thunderstorms. Then when we boarded we couldn’t take off for forty minutes because the runway was unavailable. We suspect (but don’t know) that EasyJet is rather low on the pecking order when it comes to multiple flights all wanting to take off at the same time. 

We had a smooth flight (an hour and twenty five minutes) and then 25 minutes more in a holding pattern. I had a window seat and we actually quite enjoyed this. We could see the lake, Lucerne, some of the small towns we had biked through as we went around...and around. 

Then we landed, and oh my goodness, an electrical storm started and we couldn’t get off the plane as all ground operations were ordered stopped and EasyJet buses you to the terminal. I watched the rain bucket and wasn’t particularly unhappy about the wait!  Storms like that are short lived, and we were back in the hotel about 6:30 PM. 

We did the last minute packing, taped up the boxes and then went for celebratory wine and dinner. It was so gloriously hot in Zurich, and I love those warm evenings. It was making it hard to leave...but we will be back. 

Deep, dark red. How delicious! Note the packing tape. We had just come up from the storage area.
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Our charcuterie platter being prepared on the spot. We forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Local cheeses, fresh bread and charcuterie including yak meat. It was amazing.
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We relaxed and enjoyed our last evening in Zurich. There was so much to talk about and reflect on. We both feel so grateful. There were so many amazing moments. Another wonderful trip is in the bag. One of the things we were reflecting on was where to go next time 😀. That is always such an intriguing thought. 

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