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July 6, 2014

To Sunny Victoria

We had spent a rainy Saturday getting ready and it was still wet on Sunday as we loaded the car for our son to drive us to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal. "drive us to the ferry and pick us up when we come back and you can have the car for the week" usually works. It has the added advantage of not having to pay for parking especially since BC Ferries has eliminated the "budget" lot. All long term parking is the same price now, $16 per day. I can think of better uses for my money.

Emerging from the south end of the Massey Tunnel, our chauffeur asked, "am I imagining things, or did the weather just get better?" It wasn't raining.

We got the 1 p.m. sailing, selected to arrive in Victoria in ample time to ride the Lochside Trail to Al's brother's house, drop off our stuff, and head out to Al's mother's for dinner. As it turned out, we didn't allow enough time for chatting: my brother-in-law had just (the day before) returned from a Victoria-to-Alaska kayak trip. We started walking but had to break down and take a taxi to get to our destination by dinner time.

My wonderful new bike, posing on the Blenkinsop Trestle (part of the Lochside Trail). I didn't have a handlebar bag for this trip and really missed it!
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The new bike had a few derailleur-adjustment issues (which I hadn't noticed at home). Al is a better mechanic than I am and got things working well enough for now. Looks like he's on a kid's bike, doesn't it? He's 5'11" and I'm 5'0".
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Steve Miller/GrampiesWe enjoyed this photo, in Portugal 2023!
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1 year ago

Today's ride: 36 km (22 miles)
Total: 36 km (22 miles)

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Rachael AndersonGlad to see you n the road!
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3 years ago
Jacquie GaudetYou realize this is a journal from 2014? I finally got my old ones copied over from cgoab.

We are just doing local rides these days but plan to stretch the rubber band for a day ride to Victoria next week.
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3 years ago