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From Plan B in Action by Jacquie Gaudet

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Steve Miller/Grampies commented on a photo in To Sunny Victoria

We enjoyed this photo, in Portugal 2023!

1 year ago
Jacquie Gaudet commented on Victoria to San Juan Island

And here's me wishing I had somewhere to go! Things are just opening up for travel in parts of BC. When the provincial parks campground reservation system opened, it was immediately overloaded and apparently RV rental companies are very busy renting to locals. I'm hoping to get away for a bit this summer, but maybe backpacking instead of cycle touring.

3 years ago
Rachael Anderson commented on Victoria to San Juan Island

I thought you were on the road now until you mentioned Friday Harbor. We sure wish we could get into Canada but that looks a long way off. I sure hate what’s happening to our country. I wish I was Canadian!

3 years ago
Jacquie Gaudet commented on To Sunny Victoria

You realize this is a journal from 2014? I finally got my old ones copied over from cgoab.

We are just doing local rides these days but plan to stretch the rubber band for a day ride to Victoria next week.

3 years ago
Rachael Anderson commented on To Sunny Victoria

Glad to see you n the road!

3 years ago