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The Travel Day

“Remind me next time I don’t like flying at night,” my opening words to my daughter as she picks us to take us to the airport,  then I remind myself most flights that connect to other flights leave at either 1:05am or 2:50am Alaskan time if you want the cheapest flights. 

Tis Alaska … in winter … -10 F … mandatory de-icing
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Fortunately the high winds are in our favor and our flight, leg 1, to Seattle passes in a new record time of 3:05 which we’ve never experienced in 38 years of flying from the Last Frontier. 

SeaTac is SeaTac … been here many times but unlike most times, we never leave the N terminal during our short 1 1/2 hour layover. Quick breakfast as the security fence is pulled back from a restaurant and then a few minutes of walking before we board leg 2 to San Francisco. And for our second score of the day, a mostly empty plane with empty seats all around us so we don’t have to feel like packed sardines. 

The Stick Horse
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SeaTac N Terminal Art
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San Francisco … first approach, fast pull-up, co-pilot didn’t like the fog.  Second approach, just put it down, and with a little skip and hop we are on the ground with a quick turn around for the last leg to Tampa. 

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Tampa … nice flight, very few passengers and touch down in Florida which on another quest means I have now been to all 50 states but still need to cycle 4. Rental van went as expected, nice transit system to get from terminal to rentals to the road east towards Auburndale where old Alaskan friends greet us.

The riding starts tomorrow …

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