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February 2, 2022

I crashed. Softly.  Slowly.

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OZARK SPOILER ALERT.  You're warned.

I quite literally crashed. 

I was in the basement on my bicycle on the rollers, happily grinding out pedaling miles on the rolling pins and not traveling out of my spot. Balance, concentration and time in the saddle. Rollers are great winter exercise.

The scene is me watching the opening for Netflix's Ozark Season 4. In the two-minute sequence, we have the Byrd family, Marty, Wendy, Charlotte and Jonah, in the minivan. Life looks grand. They're smiling and traveling down a beautiful country interstate having pieces of a conversation:

“We’re all set for the FBI tomorrow.”

“48 more hours.”

“I’m calling the moving company this afternoon”

“How’s the Top of the Belle looking?”

“Incredible, we’ve doubled our table space to handle all the RSVPs.”

Then a massive 18-wheel truck in oncoming traffic tries to pass another car, and barrels down the highway speeding head first into the Byrd's lane of traffic. Marty jerks the steering wheel to avoid the collision. I jerk the bicycle handlebars to miss the Byrd's head on collision. The Byrd's Honda Odyssey minivan flips end over end. I slide off the roller wheel, trap the front wheel in the space between the roller's frame and the roller pin, lock the front wheel and crash to the floor. All the while thinking in slow motion to myself, "What an asshole. This is why you never watch roller coaster movies while balancing on the bicycle rollers".

So ready for summer outside.

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Bob DistelbergI've always wanted to try rollers, but every video I've ever seen has been kind of terrifying.
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1 year ago
David TushmanHi Bob,
Living in Michigan I find a lot of time for indoor riding during the frigid winter months. Six years or so ago I pick-up rollers, crashed a few times while learning how to balance and focus, and now prefer rollers when indoor riding solo. Rollers are the best bicycle exercise to emphasize balance, focus, tolerance and patience. The practice pays dividends while riding in pace lines outside. Highly recommend the adventure!
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1 year ago