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May 10, 2023

Day 4: all I needed was food

Woke up at 5:00 only to wait until breakfast at 6, but once I had breakfast and the food I ate last night I felt much better than yesterday. I also realized today my mind finally got into the tour. I don’t know why but it’s taken me this long to get into tour mode. That’s when I’m able  to let go of the day-to-day and just ride, explore, eat, sleep, repeat. Normally that happens on the second day. This tour it has taken longer, perhaps because I’ve been feeling fatigue. So today I’m going to share everything I experienced within the “zone (zen?) of touring”

First stop was the breakfast bar. They had some bread that was sort-of like French toast bread. I toasted it and prepared to put scrambled eggs and sausage on it similar to what I had at Broken Grounds coffee. It did not work. If I want that amazing BG breakfast sandwich I’m going to have to go back there. So I toasted an English muffin and did the same. Much better.

The temp was 43F this morning, the coldest so far. I started off with my warm gloves and just  the fleece. I decided I needed the windbreaker shell overtop of the warming fleece. That on, I continued on down the trail.

With only the fleece it was cold as hell so I had to put on the wind proof shell
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The obelisks message did not dissapoint; it informed me I crossed over the highest point
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My first stop of the morning (well, after I stopped to put on the windbreaker). My second stop (well, there was also the stop to photograph the highest point). OK, OK, my THIRD stop of the morning was the Kolacheez coffee bar in Centerburg. I saw one of their posts in the Ohio-to-Erie FB group and thought I would stop in. Glad I did. If you’re wondering what a kolachee is, you and I have that in common. It’s a sweet Czech dough filled with fruits or what I ordered, cinnamon brown sugar and sweet cream cheese. I don’t have sweets too often, so it surprised me,  it MAN that was good. The green tea with it went down nicely, too. They are super friendly and really recognize the value of their location - like Broken Grounds, I strongly suggest patronizing them when you can. Independent small business is the heart and soul of this country.

A destination for the coffee epicurean, Kolacheez coffee bar is built very European. The shop is integrated into an old grain mill - very cool
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The next stop was at a goodwill. Now why on earth would I be stopping there? Well, this morning I lubed the chain but was unable to remove all the lube from the chain using paper towels from the washroom. This caused my chain to get really “grody to the max” to use an 80’s expression. Rather than go out of my way and buy a bunch of towels at Walmart I popped into goodwill and bought a $2.99 T-shirt and used that. Modern day problems need modern day solutions.

Then, I rolled into the Easton Town Center and met a former work mate for lunch - very surprised she was. After, that, it was two detours and then I was in Columbus.

It’s midweek crossing over the Alum Creek
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I talked to this deer and asked if he could recommend a place to eat, but in the end, he became my friend
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He took me to this bridge and said “the view is fine. From here you can see the whole Columbus skyline”
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I stopped into the North Market which is a great indoor market. Many more food stalls than compared to the one I stopped into in Cincinnati. I had to decide what I wanted to eat. I debated going back to the hotel and getting a burger, then getting the burger there, but though I love French fries I didn’t feel like it tonight. I looked at the Mexican booth but it just didn’t “speak” to me. I passed by the Thai food, and then second time I came around I thought “YES! That’s it!” Then, on my way back to the hotel, I ran into Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. 

To my new deer friend I said, “bye bye” and then walked to the North Market to get some Thai
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While he was busy posing, he did inform me it was back in 1970 he won the Mr Universe competition here (although I think it was a bit rigged - I mean it’s called “universe” but no aliens are allowed to compete?) and has always supported Columbus as a city.

What rhymes with Schwarzenegger?
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Tomorrow it’s about 60 miles to Xenia and another motel. We’ll see what food options I have for tomorrow.

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Today's ride: 54 miles (87 km)
Total: 228 miles (367 km)

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Marc Y.Think about stopping at the London coffee peddler if looking for another small business to visit. Nice place. Keep peddling and having fun!
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