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Guestbook Entries

Below is an archive of guestbook entries I received and sent when this journal was posted at the Crazy Guy on a Bike website.

CycleBlaze (where this journal is now) allows comments for each day’s entry and for each individual picture, if you’d like to leave a note. 


#1: Thanks for the trip report!
 By Aaron Bransky (arbransky) on Fri 27 Jul 2012 13:40
Jeff, enjoyed reading your trip report. That's quite a long jaunt and it looks like you went through some nice country.
Hope you are able to go on an extended trip on your Belleville before too long.

#2: Re: Thanks for the trip report!
By Jeff Teel (map330) on Mon 30 Jul 2012 19:54 in reply to #1
Thanks! I enjoyed Indiana. Some of it I’d seen before and some of it not.
Plans are coming along for next year’s trip to Kansas and Nebraska. The Belleville is currently in my basement workroom - upside down - waiting for flashing lights wiring and a battery set-up that will (hopefully) charge from the hub dynamo. The only trip planned for this year is a fully-loaded overnight test trip, sometime this fall when it’s cooler.


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Steve H71Another great trip report. Broken pedals are definitely bad news.
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1 year ago
Jeff TeelTo Steve H71Steve,
Ever since that trip I've carried along for emergency use axles removed from a scrapped pedal set.
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1 year ago