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Well, this is obviously not a propitious year for a bicycle tour. Still, I feel the need to have at least a minor adventure on the bike despite the pandemic, so I'm planning to ride the Ohio-to-Erie Trail from Cincinnati to Cleveland in three days. I think it's about 325 miles, something like 80% of it is bike path, and I suspect most of it is pretty flat. I say "suspect", because I'm too lazy to do more than give the route a cursory glance.

I think I'll ride my Wabi Lightning SE single speed, with its 48x16 gear, in order to make this little tour slightly more "interesting."

Of course I reserve the right to complain bitterly about this unorthodox choice for a touring bike if the wheels fall off, literally or figuratively, during the  tour.

I can't carry much on the light-framed and light-wheeled Wabi. I'll use my Arkel Randonneur Rack and matching TailRider bag to carry a few things. Obviously I won't be camping with this "credit card tour" setup, which suits me fine, because I rarely enjoy camping on bike tours anymore.

Something new this time is that I'll have a companion. My wife Joy has toured with me a few times, but all the other tours I've done have been solo. This time, my friend Marc is going to join me. He's the first of my bike riding friends that I have EVER been able to convince to try bike touring. 

The Wabi with the Arkel rack and bag.
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Suzanne GibsonGreat bicycle portrait with the day lilies matching the frame!
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2 years ago
Jeff LeeThanks! I love the look of the Wabi. I've never seen another one on the road.
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2 years ago
The Wabi unloaded, with a better view of the drive train. The bike has a front brake only. Note that this is a single speed, NOT a fixed gear. (I can coast.) I'm not insane enough to tour on a fixed gear bicycle.
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