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June 19, 2009


 My sleep isn't too good. Maybe I'm not used to sharing a tiny room with a group of bikers.

It's 8am when I get up and dress and eat some yogurt at the nearby store in very welcome sunshine. Road 660 is flat as it follows the southern bank of Langfjorden, along which the Swiss bikers pass me and once at Åfarnes's little ferry wharf cafe, I pause for a needed coffee before riding south alongside slender Rødvenfjorden, over some low hills to busy Ånldanses, getting there by one.

Ånldanses has a crowd of tourists. A gigantic cruise ship is harbored next to its streets, where I sit at an outside table and have a tasty burger for lunch. Instead of hanging around, I set off to find a campspot, riding south-ish on Route 63 and stopping at a place where the cashier tells me this is my last chance ahead of the steep ascent. 

I believe him. 

My cabin at the foot of Trollstigen
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Although it's still light and quite early in the day, it's getting grey again and so opt to venture no further, paying 440 krone for a hut in which I heat up the leftover pasta from last night's dinner that I'd put inside the glass sauce jar. 

A nice and easy 70km day. 

Tomorrow will be much harder: Trollstigen.

Today's ride: 70 km (43 miles)
Total: 612 km (380 miles)

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