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July 2, 2009

Torp airport.

It's just 8km to Torp airport. I get there and sort out my bike - remove the pedals, turn the bars flat with the frame and deflate both tyres. I wonder about wrapping it up, but the attendent says not to bother and gives me a token to insert in the self-service conveyor control box and leaves me to it. Why can't it always be this easy when flying with a bike? 

I'm a couple of kilograms over the weight limit but she says that's okay too. I'd booked my flight a couple of weeks ago and it was free. That's right: zero krone. 

All I had to fork out for was the bike and my baggage: a total of 50 krone to fly to Glasgow, Scotland. Don't knock Ryan Air.

Today's ride: 10 km (6 miles)
Total: 1,258 km (781 miles)

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