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June 25, 2009


In the morning the sun is bright and I'm up and about at 7.30am, cycling east to the local bakery where the campsite owner told me I could get a coffee. This is true of most Norwegian bakeries. They open early. I get there and have two. No hurry. 

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A few hours of pedalling later, I stop for a lunch of fruit and yogurt bought from a supermarket in Gaupne, a sleepy place, then cycle beside the same fjord and climb and descend to another one, this much bigger. 

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When I reach Songndal, where it's very hot, I have a sandwich before riding on to Leikanger, which I get to at about 4pm.

Leikanger - there's a basic hotel with a room with bathroom for 400 krone and I use the wifi while sat in its dining area that looks out across the vast fjord. 

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As it gets late - around 8 - I walk to a nearby hotel - this one plush and up-market - which they say does a buffet dinner. It's catering to the boat tourists and there's a group of elderly helping themsleves to the array of dishes. There are crab claws a couple of feet long. Roast spuds. Lots of veggies. I have a couple of beers, which are extra to the 300 krone charge. Not cheap, but well worth it. 

Once back at my room, with the sun now low, I spot a big cruise ship and take its photo as it sails into the setting rays.

1:250 000 freytag & berndt map - route from Leikanger west and south to Vikøyri
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Today's ride: 70 km (43 miles)
Total: 912 km (566 miles)

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