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June 29, 2009


I'm up at six.

The Polish guy sells me a staff T-shirt like I'd begged him to and the cash goes in his back pocket. He also prints out my boarding pass, as I've booked a flight to Scotland. 

After breakfast I head east.

I've been told there's no more snow but within a hundred meters there's a huge bank of it and my toes get chilled as I push my bike across. There were to be half-a-dozen such experiences during the day.

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The sky starts off cloudy, but the views are splendid and the sun comes out during the morning as I ride without seeing but a handful of others on bikes. One couple asks to borrow my pump, as the woman's rear is deflated. What I mean is - her back tire is a bit flat. Their bikes are basic. We agree it's a super route, pretty flat now. 

I pass lakes that mirror the blue above as well as the distant snowy mountains. After riding nearly 30km the cycle path T-s into Route 7 and I have a coffee in a bike shop/café in Hagustol and treat myself to a cake.

From here the road seems quite busy and goes up and down. When I arrive in Geilo the tourist officer gives me a map and directions to the Youth Hostel, which is 2km out of town. It's 450 krone for a room in a large cabin and that includes breakfast. 

The place is heated and feels too warm. 

At night I ride back to town and have a pizza in an Italian place while my laundry is getting done in the camp's washing machine. When I return there's a Thorn outside the cabin and it has a Rohloff rear hub and I'd like to chat with the owner, but I don't know where he/she is. 

I've only ridden about 50km today. 

Tomorrow I head south. It'll be harder, with some long hills.

Today's ride: 50 km (31 miles)
Total: 1,108 km (688 miles)

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