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February 19, 2015

Day 35 - Paracin to Radinac: Unexpectedly long day

I still had a headwind today, but it was a gentle breeze for the most part, very manageable. As usual, I got a late start, despite wanting to reach Belgrade in two days. The first part of the day was characterized by the usual dull scenery, plus many people saying things to me. And fun chaos in the towns. There were lots of really slow people on bicycles, which added a new dimension: police car passes me then parks half on the sidewalk, half in the street; at the same time I am passing a slow cyclist, and another car passes me while I am passing the cyclist passing the police car. That I find this interesting enough to describe says a lot about how interesting my day was.

Later in the afternoon, I finally started to see buildings I wanted to take photos of, but by that point I was racing the sunset, hoping to find accommodation, so unnecessary stops were out. I could have stopped after 65km, but continued, expecting to do another 20km. Didn't find a place to stay until after nearly 40km. I lost the race with the sunset, but at least it was a nice sunset. After reaching a town that appeared to consist entirely of a string of smokestacks/plants along the rail line, I finally found a place with rooms. There's a built in headboard against a wall, but the bed is nowhere near it, having been placed so it has a view of a TV that has no channels unless you hold the cable in a specific position. Classy joint.

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Today's ride: 104 km (65 miles)
Total: 1,688 km (1,048 miles)

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