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February 20, 2015

Day 36 - Radinac to Belgrade: Really bad road

After a long day yesterday, I was looking forward to an easy 50km to Belgrade. The first clue should have been that I stopped seeing bicycles after Smederevo.

The road was narrow, falling apart at the edges, and very busy. Until now, I was really happy with the drivers--I guess they're used to slow bikes and ancient tractors pulling trailers with wobbly and underinflated tires. That changed completely today. When I reached the city, throw in tram tracks and massive potholes. I gave up and walked the bike for the last stretch before the road got wider near the centre.

My first impression of Belgrade--off the bike--is good but I'm not exploring today because everything hurts after six consecutive days of biking on often-rough roads. I spotted my first Eurovelo sign, too, which should help me get out of Belgrade.

Summary: Avoid the road from Smederevo to Belgrade.

Today's ride: 52 km (32 miles)
Total: 1,740 km (1,081 miles)

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