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January 18, 2015

Day 3 - Rest Day: Equipment trouble, the nicest village in Turkey, and a change of plans

Lesson 1: Test everything before going on tour.
Lesson 2: Don't let random people touch my bike in an effort to help.
Lesson 3: Many Turkish people are far, far too nice to me.

Fog this morning. I was invited for breakfast at a teahouse, naturally the only woman there. I was fascinated by a camel fight on TV, they were really going at it, well, for camels. They were all dressed up, too, in saddles and colourful blankets, but no riders. I said thanks and set out.

The day went downhill from there even though I only pedalled uphill a tiny distance. Already I could feel my legs were dead, so I decided to add some air to the tires. Turned out my pump was not up to the task. (Stupid girl for not testing it before.)

I figured I'd continue, eventually get to Saray, and get a new pump then. But it was not to be. Someone in a car stopped, and, despite my protests, attempted to put air in the tire, but only succeeded in letting enough out that I couldn't ride the bike anymore. He didn't know he was the reason I couldn't keep riding, but insisted on driving me way, way out of the way in a hunt for a new pump. Being Sunday, this was not an easy hunt. He wouldn't even take gas money. We finally found a pump and returned to Akalan. I decided to stay another night when I realized I was dehydrated. I'll have to watch that as well as my knee.

Back to the internet cafe, where they let me use wi-fi free of charge again. I had been reading some of the CGOAB journals and realized it wasn't possible for me to cross the mountains in Bulgaria. Too much, too soon. I'm forming a new plan, which means going in a different direction.

But Akalan will remain a very worthwhile detour. I had one uneasy moment, though--when I got back to the flat in the dark, a young man was waiting by the road and followed me onto the property, saying something. I quickly went inside and locked the door, figuring that someone I knew would soon show up if his purpose there was legit. Sure enough, they needed the other keys on the keyring.

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