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May 9, 2015

Day 114 - Lahemaa National Park: Inching toward Tallinn

Lahemaa is the oldest national park in the former Soviet Union and is significant because Estonia's four different natural zones meet and mingle there. But the differences between the zones must be very subtle because I couldn't tell them apart. Though in all fairness, I spent most of the day wondering why there were no rest areas whatsoever. Not even a public bench, save for a couple of bus stops.

And I was tired and biking into a headwind. It felt like I was climbing all day, so a place to rest would have been really nice. I started to get whiny, but it was okay because I was the only one who had to listen to me.

Both highlights came near the end of the day. First was the Viru bog walk, and second was the campground. The owner looked and walked like he was former military, someone of status, currently a painter-woodcarver. Camping was 5€, but when he showed me a cozy A-frame hut with woodstove and sleeping loft, I decided my last night on the bike was worth a splurge. The owner kept offering to get the woodstove going before he and his wife went out. I kept declining the offer. I don't think he had much confidence in my fire-making abilities.

The hut was very rustic, perfect. I was a bit sad that I was alone there, but otherwise it was a great way to celebrate quietly. I figured I'd save the party for Tallinn--until I checked my email and learned that the hostel I booked had burned down. (In case you're concerned, nobody was hurt.)

Erratics of various sizes are both abundant and heavily promoted as tourist attractions in Estonia
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Today's ride: 61 km (38 miles)
Total: 6,271 km (3,894 miles)

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