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May 8, 2015

Day 113 - Roosna-Alliku to Sagadi: Tanks and guns and the oldest park

I biked through a lot of road construction yesterday, which wasn't a problem. Today it was, forcing me to find a way around, which turned out okay. Due to my stellar navigational skills, I ended up back on the main road sooner than planned, but the road was paved again by that point. I was very relieved.

All day I was passed by military vehicles, some dark green, some camo, some covered in spruce branches, some with various large guns mounted on top. They were moving in all directions, and I knew it was serious when I entered Tapa and saw two men in uniform moving an ancient metal desk out of a building. It continued when I went turned north, and for the next 20 km I could hear them practicing with those big guns somewhere off to my left.

It got even better when I reached the expressway. Not only was I seeing Russian licence plates and a sign that it was 280 km to St Petersburg, I also saw three tanks go by on flatbed trailers, heading in the general direction of Russia. I know, just moving offices and doing exercises, but it's always fun to imagine more is going on, especially when so close to Russia.

I left the expressway and reached Lahemaa National Park, fortuitously picking a road that soon offered up a visitor centre. So I came up with a tentative plan that turned into a firm one when a thunderstorm caught me just before Sagadi. I would stay at the hostel, which turned out to be located on the grounds of a restored manor. It was pouring rain by this time, so I stopped outside the hotel to ask directions, but saw a sign pointing toward the hostel. I followed it, found the hostel, and saw the sign directing me back to the hotel for check-in. Went back to the hotel, where the desk clerk very helpfully mentioned how wet I was.

There was only one other guest, who showed up late and went to a different room, so I had a quiet evening. Even after the rain stopped, I stayed in and fell asleep early. I've done something like 700 km over the past week.

I've been seeing a lot of this
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Perhaps not the most shining example of Estonian national forest
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Today's ride: 84 km (52 miles)
Total: 6,210 km (3,856 miles)

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