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August 12, 2021

Fishkill to Saugerties

My final riding day of this trip!😳

24 miles

Because off heat advisories we did another early start (7am)  to ride to Walkway Over the Hudson then shuttle into Saugerties. The Walkway Over the Hudson - a1.5 Mike pedestrian/bike bridge. Very cool!!! Then we shuttled three remaining 25 miles using a rented U-haul truck to carry bikes and luggage and or super vehicle mad tree roots to carry all is riders. The booking part was beautiful. 12.5i off it on more of the Empire State Trail system/ so well maintained and a pleasure to ride on. It was a great way to end my portion of this ride.

This was actually arriving in Fishkill on the11th so early we had to wait to get into our rooms. But we did!!
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John and Margaret S. in their matching Ben and Jerry shirts.
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Me riding óver a bridge on an Empire State Trail.
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John sharing the ride with his sister via FaceTime. He was on the Walkway Over the Hudson.
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View from where he was talking to his sister.
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Ken loading the U-Haul for the shuttle to Saugerties and then Albany the next day.
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We shuttled to Albany on the 13th and I left there to to fly to Wyoming to meet family at a dude ranch. Shifting from bikes to horse. John, my husband will stay with the bikes but he doesn't journal so I'll say good-bye for now. Hoping to ride again and journal in the coming year!!!! 

This is the group riding on. Bye gang. Safe riding! 🚴🏻‍♂️❤️
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Today's ride: 24 miles (39 km)
Total: 473 miles (761 km)

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