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September 9, 2021

T-minus two weeks and counting

Houston, we are "go" for launch

You know you're getting antsy to go bike touring when:

  • Each day you pull your car into the garage you see two large empty bike boxes waiting for the shipment to the cycling destination
  • You want to set up your tent in the backyard and camp out during the weekend
  • You order a new 128Gb micro-SD card for the GoPro
  • You want to pack up your bike with all your gear just to do your daily Saturday ride
    • Not only do you WANT to pack up the bike, you wash and fold all the clothes, and THEN stuff, stuff, stuff, them into the bike bags "just to see if it fits"
  • You can't wait until you can publish the first journal entry announcing the ride, and...
  • Your cycling partner (in this case, Kathy) is raring to go!

The Plan

Bikes packed and shipped to Portland ME Sep 17. Kath and I hop on a plane to Portland with only our day clothes, electronics (iPhones and such) and personal affects. Nothing bulky to carry through the airport or check. Once at Portland, we über to the FedEx office location. There, we assemble the bikes, ride to the airbnb and depart the next day for Providence, RI

The Route

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And yes, the long, flat, straight 50-mile stretch from Boston to Provincetown, MA is a ferry. So total rideable distance over 7 days is about 310 miles. 

But oh, the places we'll go -
from salt water air and seashore breeze,
to New England autumn, and the changing leaves;
riding on paths that used to be rail,
for example, out of Portland, the Eastern Trail;
Waking up in the mornings next to the sea,
from a view from the balcony of our airbnb;
a route that my wife is sure to like,
atop the controls of her new eBike;
into the heart of the city with an evening to spend,
eating Italian food in Boston's North End
and then if quite odd, on two wheels we'll trod; the length of the rail trail on Cape Cod Oh my God;
Cruising through small towns with farmer's market sales,
to towns to learn history of harvesting of whales
Last night on the tour hopefully with great weather,
we spend our anniversary, 27 years together
the trip will then end, and we'll finally come back
on a sleeper car through the night - thanks, Amtrak!
See? I told you I'm antsy. Kath and I are laying out everything for the trip, and it's still two weeks to go!
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If you'd prefer to watch the videos, all three episodes are here.

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