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Popi goes to Nevers

Two weeks camping vacation discovering more pieces of Eurovelo6

By Michel Fleurance
849 km (527 miles) over 5 days between Aug. 3, 2013 and Aug. 7, 2013
Presentation heart 0
The route from Rilly to Nevers and back heart 3
Why a delta Kettwiesel trike? heart 4
Delta versus tadpole: Selling my kettwiesel to get a Scorpion heart 1
Lots of things happened once I owned a trike .... heart 7
Why popi ? heart 4
Preparations: a subtle mixture of anticipation and procrastination heart 0
Day 1: Rilly sur Loire to Muides sur Loire ‎: 5 trikes instead of one heart 0
Day 2: Muides to Saint Jean de Ruelle: A short day trip and hot day heart 0
Day 3: Saint Jean de Ruelle to Jargeau: Hard to find your way in Orleans heart 0
Day 4: Jargeau to canal de Briare: A feeling of well being heart 0
Day 5: Canal de Briare: Etape du tour de France feminin heart 0
Day 6 : Canal de Briare to Saint Satur: a short visit to Sancerre heart 0
Day 7: Saint Saturn to Nevers: Popi is in Nevers heart 0
Day 8: Nevers to Saint Satur again: A short visit to Apremont sur Allier heart 1
Day 9: Saint Satur to canal de Briare again: Another perfect day to bike heart 0
Day 10: Briare to Jargeau again: Head wind heart 0
Day 11: Jargeau to Olivet near Orleans again: Nicest camping ever had (in my life, no kidding) heart 1
Day 12: Olivet near Orleans to Muides sur Loire again: Crossing Orleans down stream from bridge Rene Thinat to bridge Pont de l'Europe heart 0
Day 13 Muides sur Loire to Rilly again: Crossing Blois down stream heart 0
Day 14, Rilly to Chenonceaux and back to Rilly: Last beautiful day of vacation heart 1
Day 15. Epilogue: A quick visit to Saumur, final thoughts and future plans heart 0
Bonus pictures: from Babette and Jean Jacques heart 0