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April 29, 2022

Murry Bridge to Mannum

And we're off

The weekend got off to a good start, the  traffic up the freeway to Murray Bridge was flowing nicely, mostly because everyone else was heading down into the city, I assume for work etc. So nice to have a day off.

I met up with Kevin Burrett, my travel companion.  For those of you wondering, yes, this the same Kevin Burrett many of us have watch on the Cycling Touring Pro videos. He is as lovely and zen as he appears on his videos with Darren Alff.  He is also super fit.

We organised to lockup Kevin's car in the secure parking offered by the local marine for a bargain $2.50 a night. My hubby kindly dropped me off, so my daughter could have a car over the weekend. He'll be back for me on Sunday 🙂.

Cars away, bikes all set. Let's go
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We headed towards the aptly named Murray Bridge so we could get onto the levee bank that runs along this part of the river.

The Murray Bridge, mmm I think thats the train bridge, the car and pedestrain bridge is behind it. I'm not sure which is 'The' Murray Bridge
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Our first levee bank section. The river is on the right
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We rode on and off the levee as access allowed. It makes for a very pleasant ride. Unfortunately there are these pinch points to stop cars driving on the levee and they haven't been created with bikes in mind, at all. That means at each one we had to unload the panniers, walk the bike through on its back wheel (so it would fit), then reload the bikes. All a bit tedious, after the 7th pass we opted to miss the last one and continue on the gravel road near by.

Pinch point. They aren't even a wide as our handle bars.
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Kevin enjoying the dry weather and the near by gravel road.
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We made our way to Kittley road for a nice view.
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Following our plan along Caloote Rd to Mannum Rd ( bituman, lots of traffic) there we had a hard right onto a road that was signposted as 'No Through Road' . I've seen these before and they don't always apply to bikes. The road for cars came to an end as expected. But with a bit of exploration we found a short(1.5kms) sandy track that meant we could avoid the traffic and link to a minor sealed road. It did involve a bit of hike a bike, but was worth it.

Sand! Our sandy detour
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We followed our way to Mannum and stopped at the first bakery for coffee. Good days ride.

Coffee! I resisted the cakes, this time.
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As I set up my tent, I realised how many months it has been since it had been used. I'm tired but excited it be out camping again.

Mannum caravan park, home for the night.
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Today's ride: 54 km (34 miles)
Total: 54 km (34 miles)

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Frank DenmanGood to see you on the road again now if you stop for coffee you have to have cakes unwritten touring rule keep smiling xx
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