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July 29, 2019

Up and onward to Bischofshofen

rain rain rain

We lay in bed last night as we listened to the rain.  When we woke up it was still pouring down. I tried lots of different weather sites but none of them told me what I wanted to know they all gloomily said rain all day.  What to do ?  Would we catch the train?  Let’s wait till check out time and decide then.  Ten o’clock came it really wasn’t too bad and we had good coats, if things got bad we could bail out at Golling.

The Salzach was in full flood, its might and power were amazing.  Our route took us high up above it into alpine countryside but we couldnt see the mountains they were all shrouded in mist, the low clouds making wonderful patterns.  The alpine pastures are  lush  which is hardly surprising with all this water around.  Flowers tumbled from the window boxes.  On this sort of country an ebike is a real dream  and I spent time waiting for Ken at the top of steeper hills

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Lush pastures
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Wild water
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No sun for the cows today
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There is forestry up here too
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Who would have thought two days ago they would have needed a fire
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When we got to Golling it was something of a disappointment as we couldnt find a cafe for coffee.  Then the rain came down with a vengeance and we took shelter in someone’s carport.  We could see the train station and were tempted. The route for the next 15km was over the Leun Pass and  we were to share the way with fairly busy traffic.  Encouraged by the fact that  Suzanne said the Bikeline maps had rather overhyped it we decided to give it a go.  There was bike  track beside the road going up the pass and the pass itself nothing of any moment.  Coming down from it was glorious with the steep, steep sides and the mysterious mist.  Actually the traffic wasn’t bad at all and was helped greatly by areas of road works which meant cars just came in bursts.

Dejected in the carport
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Imagine our delight when we came to a Backerie and were able to refuel with some coffee and rolls.  By now the rain had become very light and of no bother at all.  In the distance we could look up and see the fairytale structure Burg Hohenwerfen.  When we eventually climbed up it was clearly being loved to death, the car park and the roadsides were jammed with vehicles and there were a number of tour buses. We rode past.

Our first sight of the castle
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There is always a tractor. Ken says that now we are in Austria we will see Steyrs. This little old one is being looked after in a glass house. He saw several big modern ones
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A nearer view of the castle
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Leaving it
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A vege garden to be proud of
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From here it was a quick swoop down to Werfen and from there only around 10km on a lovely little track beside the river to Bischofshofen. Our hotel room here is so comfortable and really lovely - by far the best we have had and some watery sun is shining through the windows

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Today's ride: 41 km (25 miles)
Total: 255 km (158 miles)

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