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November 3, 2020

Wungong Hut to Dandalup Hut

It was cold last night!! The light weight sleeping bag wasn't warm enough, my heart was pounding in my chest from the exertion of the day, I should be exhausted but I just wasn't warm enough. Where are the hot flushes when you need them! I was wearing my thermals and decided it would be a good idea to wrap the fly from the tent around me, that did help and I eventually got off to sleep. It wasn't really that cold, I just had not consumed enough calories throughout the day for the riding I had done, something I would learn down the track. 

I was woken in the night to a possum making a very loud attempt to get into my frame bag where I kept my food, the shock of waking to the racket and my brain not being able to process what was going on for a bit added to my unsettled night. Daylight came and I really didn't feel much like getting up and cycling, only one way to make sure I get up and thats deflate the sleep mat!    

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Wungong Hut
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After the fires
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I ate a breakfast of oats and a coffee, packed up and headed off towards Jarrahdale, motivated by the idea of a cooked breakfast at the local cafe. The ride was an easy 27km, fairly flat with a good surface. I was in Jarrahdale and eating my second breakfast  by mid morning. Originally it was plan to stay the night but it was too early to stop so I decided to push on towards Dandalup Hut.

I came across my first Munda Biddi cyclists here, a guy attempting to ride the entire Munda Biddi in 6 days. He was travelling light, 2 phones, a power bank, water bottles x a few and a puffer jacket. He planned to just lay down in huts for a few hours here and there to catch some sleep and stay in the odd town. He was riding a gravel bike with thinner tyres than mine, I imagine that he must have found the pea gravel very challenging. He said he stopped at Carinyah Hut overnight and only managed to get a few hours sleep before getting too cold (and I imagine uncomfortable on the wooden floors as well) and getting up and moving on. Riding the trail with just a head lamp over some of the terrain between Carinyah and Wungong Hut would have been challenging, I wished him all the best and I was glad it was him and not me.

It was a tough ride from Jarrahdale, some very steep grades on gravel, if you stopped going up hill it was hard to get going again because I just couldn't get traction, plenty of walking up hill for me. Arriving at North Dandalup Dam was a nice place for a rest, there are picnic grounds down the hill where I could have had a swim but it had been a long day and was getting late, the Dandalup Hut was only another 4km or so over some difficult rutted trail so I pushed on.

I arrived at Dandalup Hut which is in a stunning location, beautiful gum trees and a granite outcrop with views to the coast. A really nice place to stop, yet again I had the hut completely to myself.

North Dandalup Dam
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Today's ride: 59 km (37 miles)
Total: 134 km (83 miles)

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