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November 5, 2020

Dwellingup to Lake Brockman

The ride out from Dwellingup passes through the Nanga Mills area and shares some of the mountain bike trails, it was the best riding so far, the trails went through beautiful forrested areas and were well used single track, hard packed. It was a lovely area to ride and there were lots of mountain bikers just out for the day riding the various trail that intersected the Munda Biddi. 

Lake Brockman
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Once passed this area it was back onto track which included some gruelling thick pea gravel sections and gravel roads.  I called into Bidjar Ngoulin Hut, stopping for lunch and signed the log book, I noticed a couple signed in, they had been ahead of me by one day the whole way. I thought it would be nice to catch them and have some company at the huts for a change. 

A tunnel under one of the mine roads ( I think).
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There is mining activity in the area and some of the trail goes onto the mining lease.  The track ventured onto the gravel roads and there were a few trucks in the area doing road works. At one point I was held up for 30 minutes at a road crossing when they block part of the trail for a blast.

Trail is closed for a blast at a local mine.
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Eventually after what was a very long, hot day I rolled into the Lake Brockman Tourist Park and the receptionist told me that a couple just rode in from the Munda Biddi and were staying the night, my excitement that I had caught up to them was short lived as she said they were heading back to Perth.

Some of my trail companions, lunch!
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I had pushed on during the day as I wanted to arrive at Lake Brockman before 4.00pm because I read that the cafe closed then. I made it in time and promptly ordered a meal or two. In fact I order so much food that the woman serving me assumed I was with some one else. The serves were very generous and in the end I took away the left overs for dinner.

I booked into a cabin for the night and went for a walk down to the lake, the water is really blue and very inviting, however there were signs up saying "no swimming". It was really very hot still so I headed back up to my cabin and enjoyed a good bed and the air conditioning.

Today's ride: 65 km (40 miles)
Total: 238 km (148 miles)

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