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September 23, 2022

Day 6. No flats today!

Last night before we went to bed, weather looked good. This morning, rain showers from 8:00 to 10:00. Welp, guess we’re going to get wet. We packed all our bags in the apartment, moved the bikes outside, and THEN the rain started. 

Heading out of Boonville, the rain will stop maybe as we head towards Sedalia on the Katy
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As anyone who’s ridden on a crushed gravel limestone path during rain, you end up taking part of the trail as a souvenir with you. It gets kicked up and all over the bike. Everything gets a piece of the Katy. And it’s gravel and sandy and just gritty. You know how those exfoliating soaps feel and you hands? That’s what gets all over everything. You basically put away the camera, the phone, the GPS, the GoPro - all of it goes into a weatherproof container.

When it rains on this trail it will get on your legs without fail
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We decided to just push through it. We were in a rural area with not many choices to bail out so we just kept going. After 14 miles we took a rest stop at Pilot Grove to get out of the rain for a bit. What happened was after stopping for a break we chilled down. That made restarting in the 59F weather (and being wet) leading to chilling is down. After 10 minutes of restarting the ride we were able to rewarm our core and decided at that point, the next 25 miles would be straight through to Sedalia.

No injuries you can assume when the pannier “bomb” went off in our room
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Arrived at Hotel Bothwell in Sedalia around one o’clock, but our room wasn’t ready - one more roadblock
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Our Sedalia downtown shake-down.
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We made the best of the morning and the afternoon. A 45-minute walk around the historic downtown area to visit Sedalia, and then dinner at a local pub. Now we’re relaxing in the room and looking forward to the train trip back to Kirkwood MO tomorrow.

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Today's ride: 38 miles (61 km)
Total: 246 miles (396 km)

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