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From The Cycling Duo rides again by Paul Mulvey

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Paul Mulvey commented on Day 4. Didn’t expect a solo day

Sorry - didn’t mean to leave out those details. Kath bought a new tube at the bike shop and another new one as a spare. We almost had to use the new spare as she flatted out on day 5. I figured at that point something was stuck inside the tire, and we found the wire bead. It probably came from a truck tire retread she picked up on the highway into Hermann.

1 year ago
Mike Ayling commented on Day 4. Didn’t expect a solo day

No mention of a new tube or two yet?

1 year ago
Paul Mulvey replied to a comment by Gregory Garceau on Day 4. Didn’t expect a solo day

Thanks for checking in. And congrats on 39 years. Kathleen and I have made it 28 and we’re looking to extend our time together. Except for this day, when I had my solo ride. But that’s an anomaly (I always feel smarter when I can use “anomaly” in a post. It’s my second favorite to “nebulous”). I will most likely have more solo long-distance tours, but for right now, it’s fun to have my bestest buddy with me.

1 year ago
Gregory Garceau commented on Day 4. Didn’t expect a solo day

Hi Paul, I've been reading all along, but this post gave me a couple reasons to comment. One of them is that I never got beyond Cub Scouts either. The tasks to win those pins and badges were HARD--especially selling light bulbs door-to-door and learning how to tie a necktie. You'd think the den mother would have overlooked those things after my balsa wood airplane with rubber band propeller won the city-wide Cub Scout race. Whew! I guess I've never gotten over that, even after all these years.

The other thing that got me to comment was that The Feeshko and I eloped and got married in Jefferson City. That was 39 years ago. The city looks a lot nicer in your photos than I remember it, but I did enjoy the state capitol building.

1 year ago