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May 15, 2019

North to Minnesota

The warm, sunny days of a Midwest spring have been a rarity this season, as the cold, damp, windy days of March stretched into mid-May. But today the sun shown bright and folks were adorned with shorts, T-shirts and big smiles.  It was glorious day for a bike ride, and I headed north for a short tour along the Iron Range in northeastern Minnesota.  I can only hope that this fine weather can last a few more days - despite a somewhat iffy forecast.

The planned trip is a three day ride on the Mesabi Trail, which is flanked by the Mississippi River on the west and the Boundary Waters Wilderness area on the east.  I will be joined on this trip by Greg, a friend  who lives in the Twin Cities with his wife Cari and their two children, Ariana and Christopher.  Greg and Carrie were graduate students in my lab, and it's been fun to keep up with them over the years.  I was delighted for the chance to meet Ariana and Christopher and share a meal with the family. Christopher was a bit shy, but Ariana and I enjoyed a rousing game of Yahtzee before dinner. 

Ariana, Greg, Cari and Joseph
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After dinner, Greg and I drove north on state highways through a region of Minnesota known as the Superior Upland.  As with much of Minnesota, the area abounds with  lakes and is clearly a popular destination for boaters, fishermen, and vacationers.  It brought to mind an earlier time in America, of the days when middle class folks were able to enjoy some time off and a week at the lake with family and friends. Nothing glitzy or posh, just basic Minnesotan fun. I look forward to exploring the Upland at the speed of my bike. 

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