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June 5, 2018

Sully-sur-Loire to Blois

Started the day with a nice breakfast with Pia and Kevin and got off around 10 this morning for the long ride to Blois.  The overnight rains had left the gravel tract out of Sully-sur-Loire a bit muddy, but Vivien George was in her element - after all, she is a gravel bike.  The weather was overcast and rain threatened all day.  I didn't linger too much, hence a relatively brief posting.

I stopped in Jargeau for an espresso, croissant and a sandwich to go -the mud-splattered appearance of me and Vivien George drew a few comments and stares.  The route turned to asphalt and I was able to make fairly good time to Orleans where I ate my sandwich overlooking the Pont de l'Europe, which soon took me back over the Loire.

Vivien George after a fun romp through mud and gravel on the La Loire a Vélo
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Approaching Orléans on an overcast day
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Picnic lunch overlooking the Pont de l'Europe in Orléans
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I passed another nuclear power plant on the way to Blois - the third nuclear plant along the river since Nevers.  Coincidently, Pia and Kevin are both nuclear engineers, and Pia works at the Dampierre-en-Burly power plant near their home.  We had a quite interesting conversation about nuclear energy over breakfast. France is fairly reliant on nuclear energy - about 75% of energy is derived from it's 58 nuclear reactors. One of the most surprising thing I learned was the need to keep the older plants operating because 1) there is no longer people with the expertise to build new reactors (never mind the cost) and 2) it is too difficult and expensive to dismantle the existing reactors, which is only partially due to storage of contaminated material. 

Saint-Laurent nuclear power plant along the Loire River
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Jeanie RedickWOW!! I did not know this!!!
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6 years ago

In Cour-sur-Loire, I passed a food truck selling local French products.  Although there were no cherries, the owner let me sample a strawberry - amazingly delicious!  I bought a basket for later and, after much discussion some mint chocolate chip ice cream for eating on the spot.  Another great moment of friendly French interaction!  I met my Airbnb host in Blois about 5:45 and will be staying here for a couple of days for rest and chateau roaming.

French food truck selling local products - and ice cream!
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Jeanie RedickMust have been like heaven coming upon this delightful bounty!! 😛
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6 years ago
Ice cream stop along the river - almost to Blois!
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Today's ride: 74 miles (119 km)
Total: 297 miles (478 km)

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