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in good hands

This is undoubtedly the shortest tour in CycleBlaze, but it was quite exciting at the time so I think I should add it.

I actually have no recollection of it at all, so I’m going to fill in the blanks with my own narrative.

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Before my first 10-speed, I had a trike. It was a “fixie” trike so I suppose you could say I rode a fixie before they were cool. 

I didn’t make it to the bike shop to have my trike appropriately fitted for my height, leg length, power stroke, etc., and it was too tall, so my parents had to place me on the seat. Plus, I couldn’t walk.

The day was sunny and warm, I suppose, and I was determined to make it to the end of the driveway. Because I didn’t know how to ride, I received a gentle push from one of my parents. 

About a quarter of the way through my tour, approximately ten feet, I saw a bug on the driveway and squealed with delight, almost ending this epic ride because of my desire to stop and put it in my mouth. However, with an attention span of 3.5 seconds I promptly forgot about it and my legs churned me on to my next destination.

Four feet later I came to the side of the driveway. Viewing the vastness of grass beyond the border I thought about ending my cycling quest right then and there to explore the outer reaches of Hays Street, but realized I didn’t have the right tires for it…. I’d have to stay on the pavement. Another day, then.

I turned my attention back to my current challenge, now almost halfway complete. At this point my front wheel was off the driveway and I was unable to steer, so my faithful trike mechanics gave me some assistance. They promptly pointed me in the right direction and I was again bounding down the concrete going an ungodly number of inches per hour.

In my wild-eyed youth and lack of neural development, there was no way anyone could force me to wear a helmet… too much of a rebel, a free spirit.  I did, however, wear cycling shorts, although they looked somewhat different than today’s version and were able to contain urine and fecal material for those extended rides which lasted more than three minutes.

As all good things must, my ride came to an end roughly fifteen seconds later. I had picked up speed and was beelining it to the street in an attempt to hit the side of a passing car, but was instead caught up in the loving arms of my dad, who scooped me up and held me over his head, both of us laughing wildly as he asked, “Was that fun? Do you want to do it again?”  

Yes, I think I would.

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Rich FrasierMagnificent!
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1 year ago
Wanda JenningsI love this picture 📸!!!! ❤
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1 year ago
Cat LloydDon't know why, but this post got me teary eyed. Instant flashback to sweet memories of those days spent playing at your house. I agree with this picture of you!
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11 months ago