The Road to Nowhere - or is that Newberry?: Day 43 - Munising to Newberry MI - And Then We Pedalled...... Cross Canada 2015 - CycleBlaze

July 15, 2015

The Road to Nowhere - or is that Newberry?: Day 43 - Munising to Newberry MI

Sorry Newberry, but we're passing through your area because we need to get some where else.

The eastern end of the Upper Penisula is pretty sparsely populated and we had a choice of trying to make a 200 km run to the Soo or two 100'km days with a stop in Newberry. It's the only town with any facilities between Munising and the Soo.

The riding was like being back on the prairies except the very straight road was lined with trees. Good biking weather, mid 20's c, clear sky and a bit of a tailwind. But nothing else.

Midway we came through Seney. The by now normal combo gas station / general store. The only excitement was their live bait supplier was Canadian and you could buy critter pelts that had been locally trapped. I guess that's something you don't see every day!

We made good time to Newberry, and surprisingly got the last room at the comfort inn hotel (there are about 5 other chain hotels here, I have no idea why they are all full or what people are doing here midweek!)

Final through the U.S. to Sault St Marie tomorrow. It's been great riding and we've come across lots of kind and generous people.

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Song of the day:

Once In a Lifetime by The Talking Heads.....

A surreal little number by David Byrne .... Just seems to fit today

"And you may ask yourself,

Where does that highway go to.

And you may say to yourself, am I right or am I wrong......"

"Same as it ever was, same as it ever was ...."

Historical Monument of the day

We'll have to ride on the back of yesterday's bountiful Iron Museum

Nice falls east of Munising
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This was today's ride. It was nice weather. Other than that, we're here because we need to get somewhere else. Sorry Newberry
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New bait supplier in Seney Michigan. Walts crawlers are being squeezed out by these Canadian wigglers
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More of the other stuff on sale at Seney gas station, the only place between Munising and Newberry. Add trappin' to the huntin' and fishin' you can do in the area
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Today's ride: 100 km (62 miles)
Total: 4,400 km (2,732 miles)

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