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August 25, 2015

Short and Sweet: Day 84 - Wycocomagh to North Sydney NS

Only three days, sorry Nova Scotia. So much more to do and see here but it will save to wait for another time.

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We woke up this morning to rain, first time we've had to start out with rain gear on for a very long time. We took the 'Scenic Route' along route 223 that basically goes down the middle of Bras D'or Lake (or the middle land arm, we didn't cycle on water). Along with the rain we had a strong NE headwind. That is usually a recipe for dreadful day but we ended up saying it was one of our better rides. With good weather it would have been spectacular. This is a very beatuifal area and the road had very light traffic.

Had a chance to have a good Chinese dinner in North Sydney and then we got into the ferry at 9 pm. A celebratory beverage in the bar and then off to our berth for a good nights sleep. When we awake we'll be on The Rock. Nine provinces down and one, the only one Kirsten and I have not been to before, left to go.

Pretty excited.

View of Bras D'Or lake from Wycocomagh
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Our first ferry today, across the Little Narrows
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Nice moorage on Bras D'Or.
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Church near little narrows
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More little villages on Bras D'Or
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More great views along Bras D'Or lake
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Last narrow arm of Bras D'Or before North sydney
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Our second ferry today! A bit bigger, six hours of sailing to Newfoundland
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A couple of final thoughts and comments on Nova Scotia.

First, I really liked this place. Nobody seemed to be in too much of a hurry. Everyone we met was pleasant and extremely helpful, from Gary at our motel in Antigonish to Elly at the tourist information at Port Hastings.

Second, this place still has a very small town personal feel to it. While there are the chain stores and franchise outlets you see everywhere else, they are not ubiquitous. There are still lots of locally owned and personally run shops and services. Places like Charlene's in Wycocomagh where Charlene still does the cooking to Lori's chocolate in Iona where Lori is making and selling the chocolates, as well as the coffee. And in all of these places you get the local workers like Gary, Brian and Joe Burke who are more than interested in hearing our story of our bike trip and are happy to give advice and information about their area.

And people keep telling us that the Newfies will be even more obliging!

Song of the day:

5:15 AM by Mark Knopfler

Although set in Northumberland England, it's a song about a rough edged mining town, much like North Sydney.

Historical monument of the day:

The North Sydney 'downtown' interesting history as a main centre for rum running during prohibition

Today's ride: 94 km (58 miles)
Total: 7,776 km (4,829 miles)

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