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August 24, 2015

A Game of Two Halfs: Day 83 - Antigonish to Whycocomagh NS

Sixty kilometres of very pleasent riding on the mainland from Antigonish to the Canso causeway along highway 4. Had it virtually to ourselves and we could occasionally hear the drone of the TCH off to one side.

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Rode across the causeway and into Cape Breton and as if on cue, the rain started. Forty eight km of this on the shoulder of the TCH to Whycocomagh where it stopped raining and cleared up a little. Considering the conditions, it was actually a pretty good ride and the scenery was nice in a very wet Maritime kind of way, a way that just not come out in pictures.

Will write more tomorrow when we're on the boat. North Sydney and then the ferry to NFLD tomorrow. As with all the Atlantic provinces so far, our stay in Nova Scotia has been brief. We will be back once more in the province sometime in the future.

Just a few pics and more will be added tomorrow.

Some lovely farms in the Antigonish area
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Highway 4 was a nice quiet secondary highway that went back and forth across the TCH several times. Here we are passing overtop as we get close to the Canso Causway which links Cape Breton to the mainland
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Crazy lobster guy at the causeway. A few years back Kirsten's sister was coming through here in the winter with a group of young Biathletes. When they stopped at this place they are wondering if they were ever going to be allowed to leave. The (crazy) proprietor was loading up the kids with fireworks, candy, telling wild stories .... She told us to have a look out for the place when we were passing through.Well, there is no missing it. As I was riding past, the owner came running out of the building, wildly waving his arms and shouting questions, Where are you from? Where are you going? he stopped briefly o blow off a few big fire crackers, and then started running towards me again. Not sure what to think, i was save by a motorist who pulled in and the ADD afflicted man was pulled over to them. I kept riding, smiling and shaking my head over the weirdest 30 seconds I've had in a long time!
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Those are rain clouds over Cape Breton. Guess where we are headed?
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Just about to cross into Cape Breton. Not many photos after this as the skies opened up with fairly heavy rain
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Song of the day:

Santiago by Loreena McKinnet

Saw a poster in our lunch spot saying that Loreena was going to be playing in Port Hawksbury on October 9th. Although she's from Winnipeg, her music has a Celtic core that undoubtably makes her very popular around here. This particular time is basically an instrumental that blends Celtic, Moorish and middle eastern influences, hence the name Santiago. The lyrics are more or less the same as The Muppets Ma-Num-A-Num song too!

Today's ride: 109 km (68 miles)
Total: 7,682 km (4,771 miles)

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