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July 11, 2015

Just Take Your Change From the Money Box: Day 39 - Duluth Mn to Ashland Wisconsin

We put a pretty lame name and post up last night. No time or gumption to do much more.

We're now sitting in a very nice and air conditioned bar 40 km east of Ashland taking our morning break and it's a much nicer to update things here.

The trip out of Duluth to Ashland was very good. We had to backtrack a little in the morning to get over St. Louis river and into Wisconsin. New wheel was running and more important, braking smoothly.

We're still in the land of Live-Bait-with-everything. I had to stop to take a picture of a 'Live Bait, Liquor and Tackle' sign outside of one place. Everything you need for a good day fishing in one spot!

The nice riding continued into Wisconsin, a few more rumble strips but still very rideable. Hot and humid so we went through a lot of water and took the few opportunities we had to get inside where there was a/c.

There were a few interesting things to see along the road. Huge wood carvings of bears and other wildlife ( sounds cheesy but they were very well done), larger than life fishing poles and chairs, and just outside Ashland, a very well done and Informative Great Lakes Interprative Visitors Centre.

We didn't have enough time to fully check it out but they did have cold drinks in a small cooler and an 'honour box' in front to pay your $1. I didn't have small change so I asked one of the staff where I could get some, and she replied quizzically, "just take your change out of the box". I asked if it was locked, and the laughing reply was " This is Northen Wisconsin!".

It was not locked.

We made the last few km's to Ashland, set up camp, got cleaned up and had a great dinner and local beer at the Deepwater Grill.

We even waved to the hospital where our friend Dawn was born. Nice town Dawn.

Also ran into two other cross continent bikers, Claude and Martin from Quebec. We'll be seeing them over the next few days as they are taking the same route we are to the Soo.

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Song of the Day:

Could You Believe by Antanio Forcione and Sabina Sciubba ..... Great acoustic guitar and voice combo

Historical Monuent of the day:

Northern Great Lakes Interprative Centre ... Wish we could have had more time to explore this. next time

Nice bike trail leaving Duluth
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Future builders ..... Diggers nicely lined up
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Bill just entering Wisconsin
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Looking back across the St Louis river into Oliver Minnesota
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The makings of a good fishing trip ... Get supplies in one spot
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Nice tower Superior.... This is on the Wisconsin side of the twin ports. About 10 km accross the main bridges from Duluth, but they were closed to bikes so it took us 30 km of nice biking to get here
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Big and very good wood carvings by Jake
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Very well done carvings
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Fishing is big here!
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Nice roads Wisconsin!
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Setting up camp in Ashland
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Our first Bikers in several days. Martin and Claude from Quebec. They're doing the same route as us to the Soo
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Kirsten didn't want to ride this one, she prefers staying in the bike
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Today's ride: 133 km (83 miles)
Total: 3,933 km (2,442 miles)

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