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June 6, 2015

Cross Canada Convention: Day 4 - Manning park to Princeton

Since just about all roads from the coast lead through Hope, you're bound to get a concentration of cycle tourers in this area and today proved that true.

We decided that this would be a short day down to Princeton. We are going to head north to Merritt from there but there are no services of any sort between Princeton and Merritt and it woukd be a 150 km day if we tried to make it one day. Turned out to be a good call. It was another beautiful day with a couple of good climbs over Saturday and Sunday summitts, but is was net downhill into Princeton.

We got a reasonably early start and had the road mostly to ourselves for the first hour or so. We caught up with Mark and Sandrine, the cyclists we met yesterday, and then at Sunday summit we met Frans from Woodstock Ontario. All of us are doing the cross Canada thing via different routes but we all congregated at the pass at the same time. To top things off, as I'm writting this blog another cyclist, Danial, just pulled into our campground. He started today in Whiterock - 260 km!

A qreat day of riding and some downtime too. To top things off my old friend Randy rode out on his (motor) bike with his son from Kelowna to pay us a visit. Really appreciated that!

The forecast is for 30 c + tomorrow so we're going for an early start to get the climbing over in the morning.

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Song of the day 

Folsom Prison

by Johnny Cash (the only song I actually listened to today)

Historical Moment of the day

Kirstens first 'official' Canada Heritage roadside plaque. This one tells the story of the woman that many of theregional landmarks are named after, including our nemesis from yesrerday, Allison pass

These historicall vignettes are found all across the country and Kirsten figures when your travelling by bike you might as well stop and read them, and why not. Here's the first one we've come across
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Early morning ride along the river towards Princeton, we've got the road to ourselves
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Some good climbs up Saturday summitt but much easier than yesterday
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The fast way across the country .... Beautiful blue sky
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The fun way across the country, downhill with no traffic and perfect weather
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No problem obeying the rules here. A steep but fairly short climb up Sunday summitt
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Cross Canada cycle convention at Sunday summitt. Mark, Fran's, Kirsten, Bill and Sandrine
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Kirsten cresting the summit
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Some fun downhill runs into Princeton. This is the hill where our car 'Markus' blew up last September. The bikes made it through just fine
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Last big downhill into Princeton
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Randy and his son Selkirk paying us a visit. They rode out from Kelowna to meet up with us (on a motor bike!) We'll be cycling part of the route they took. Next time we'll have to come through Kelowna to see them!
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Today's ride: 60 km (37 miles)
Total: 361 km (224 miles)

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