Layover day!: Our first day off after nine days of riding. - I'm as loose as a Type A person can be. - CycleBlaze

July 10, 2017

Layover day!: Our first day off after nine days of riding.

We did nothing noteworthy all day. It was perfectly boring.

That's not quite true. We did spend the morning helping a four year married couple ages 85 and 78 decide where to go next on their month long escape from the New Mexico heat. We met them at the motel breakfast.

We also decided that a forecast of ten days of straight rain was not our idea of good time. Instead of heading to far southern Colorado where the monsoon rains are heavier, we are going back home.

Those two things took care of our morning.

We walked to lunch. Later we started to walk to the grocery but were chased back to our room by the afternoon rainstorm. In the evening we did make it to Safeway where we learned that they have Cheap Chicken Monday at the deli. I don't know if that's a Safeway thing or a Gunnison Safeway thing. Jacinto was very happy with the price of our dinner tonight.

Tomorrow we are sleeping in as we only have 27 miles to Crested Butte. It's uphill all the way. I'm hoping for a tailwind.

Oren - Jacinto volunteered all on his own that the motel breakfast tasted like cardboard. All of it. That did not keep him from going back for seconds. Free is free, he says.

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