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May 20, 2019


We had some rain last night and so we were in no rush to get away.  Also, our destination for tonight was Leigh's second cousin in Tenterden and she would still have guests from France staying with her if we arrived too early. 

We had neglected to eat enough last night and were pretty hungry this morning.  A stop at a roadside Costa for a sandwhich only partly relieved the situation.  After that it was mostly on quiet counrty roads and tiny lanes with lots of ups and downs. 

Kent is full of oast houses where, in the past, hops were dried for the making of beer.  Now many of them have been converted into houses but they are still very eye catching.

Oast houses converted into living quarters.
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As usual, we got a bit lost occasionally and on one of our wanderings we stumbled on a thousand year old tower built for the local bishopary.

St Leonard's Tower.
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Tiny roads
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And tinier paths
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We didn't seem to be making much progress on the route we were taking and were getting desperately hungry.  We knew we would have to get food soon or the day would end badly.  So with the help of Google we found the closet supermarket a few kilometers and headed there but not before having to struggle up the first real climb of the trip.

Once fed we decided to stick to the bigger roads and take the straightest line to Jean's house.  The route was now also a lot flatter and we flew the last thirty kilometers reaching Jean's place at three o'clock.  A cold beer followed by a shower, a couple of cups of tea and a plate full biscuits and our glycogen levels are back to where they needed to be.

Today's ride: 49 km (30 miles)
Total: 140 km (87 miles)

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