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March 27, 2021

Eudunda to Eden Valley

Day 1

Note the Stobie pole there on the left in the photo below. The light on it was on all night. Eye masks are the best!

Last nights camp site, not bad for free. The toilet block is old but clean
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The day started with rain, it was forecast but the night had been warm and dry up until about 6am and then the drizzle started.  I decided to grab everything and move it over to the large veranda of the sport club. No one was using it so I figured as long as I left it how I found it, then no problems. There was also the advantage of a chair.

Breakfast and pack up stop
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Finally got away at 9:30am. Seemed to take me forever. I'm hoping I'll get quicker with practice.

Landscape is very brown as the winter rains haven't arrived yet
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Found some shade for morning tea
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The Lavender trail wanders it way through the area avoiding any major bitamin roads. I didn't see any one until Truro. The bakery was a must.

Truro bakery yum!
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I saved the donuts for Moculta. Lovely sports oval, the green was a huge contrast to all the brown around it

Moculta, chocolate donut eating stop
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Then onto more wandering gravel roads.

The hikers on the Lavender Federation trail got a stile. Thank goodness I got a gate, I'm not sure I could get my bike over a stile
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Church's in what feel like the middle of nowhere seem to be a bit of a theme today. This one is beautiful with its hedges all around

Zion Lutheran church gnadenberg 1860
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And then this one with a massive bell tower. No idea how they keep it looking so neat.

Bell Tower. Lutheran church
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I got to Keyneton and I'd had enough of gravel. Consulted the map and straight down the bitamin road to Eden Valley for me. Traffic was pleasantly light and very willing to share.

The Eden Valley camp ground is outside of the town but a really nice spot. Hot shower, dinner, clean up and bed. 

Making dinner from one of the many seats around the sports oval.
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I started out the day with 86kms of gravel riding planned but cut in shorter to 75.7kms. I'm happy with my bikes performance and also myself.  Good day!

Today's ride: 76 km (47 miles)
Total: 76 km (47 miles)

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Kathleen JonesNice set-up of your gear. Wouldn't mind more close-up beauty shots of the loaded bike.
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