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March 28, 2021

Eden Valley to Kanmantoo

Day 2

Up in time for sunrise this morning
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Deleted AccountNice sunrise Brianna, the trees give it character
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3 years ago

The Lavendar Trail goes all the way to Murray Bridge but I won't be going that far.  I'll be cutting into Kanmantoo where Hubby will pick me up.

After yesterday's experience I wanted to cut a few kms of the plan. Instead of wandering my way to Springton on the Lavender trail I went the direct route on the Eden Valley Rd. Nice road with big shoulders.

Back onto the Lavendar trail I was almost immedially hit with a section of hike a bike. Pushing a full loaded ebike up a sandy hill  is no fun. Got to the top and continued on my way.  This was the beginning of a lot more sandy gravel roads today. I think I had to stop suddenly 4 times today, due to sand.

Fish tailed to a stop this time.
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Another sand stop. Pretty spot too.
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Monti and I met a horse on the trail today. The horse was coming towards us and had stopped, so I stopped to. I don't know a lot about horsees but I know they can be very stitish. The lady rider was trying to get it to move forward. The next thing it's dancing backwards and pirouetting while continuing to move backwards.  The rider held on but I had all sorts of thoughts about having to call 000 if she fell off. Finally the horse came under control. While the horse looks at me suspiciously and inched forwards at a stutter, the rider and I chatted.  I commented that she held on very well (thank goodness).  She confessed to still be holding on tight and that there was sweet running down her back (stress).  Wow! she looked and sounded so carm.  The horse is fine with cars, tractor and even kangaroos jumping out infront of it. But a bicycling was clearly a very scarey thing.  I laugh now.

Potential emergency avoided I continued into Mount Pleasant for an early lunch at the bakery. Sorry no photos I was worried it would further scare the horse.

Thought I had to ride up here
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I think I got lost today. I still think I followed the directions but something got lost in translation, as they say.

Got the bike through the gate and prepared myself mentally for the effort required, but it's the wrong way!
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Komoot, my nav app said the trail was 15m to my right so I go back through the gate, a tiny way up someone's driveway and let myself in a different gate. I'm definitely on the Lavender Federation hiking trail, I see signs, real signs on the post, not metaphorical hopful ones.   But there isn't much of a track. Figuring I had no other options, up I go. 

This is a trail! It just got more erroded and steeper from here
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It gets rougher and I'm walking up hill now. Then at the top, I see a stile, but no gate! Faced with walking back down the steep rough hill I decided to see if I can lift my bike over the fence. Off everything comes, including the battery. Turns out I can lift a 21kms bike over a fence. Who knew.  By this time I'm a bit distressed and just want out. Helicopter please! Nope, drats.  I spotted what looks like a farmers driveway going in the right direction, with an old gate between us. I apologied to the unknown farmer and with some determination got the old gate open(plus closed) and rode the 800m down and up to the public road. The thing is, the Lavender trail signs where at their letter box pointing the way I just came, so I'm not sure if that means I was lost or not.

Running late for my rendezvous with hubby, but still time for a view.

Nice view down the valley, but need to push onto Kanmantoo.
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I made it safely home. A few things won't be going on my next trip but I think I'm set to ride from Adelaide to Geelong in a little over 3 weeks.

Watch out for me on The Great Ocean Road in a few weeks. (Note I've been advised I can blame the new photographer for the blury shot)
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Kathleen JonesLove that smile of a happy cyclist
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3 years ago
Brianna DallTo Kathleen JonesThanks! Hopefully lots more smiles to come on The Great Ocean Road
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3 years ago
Bye, thanks for reading.
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Today's ride: 73 km (45 miles)
Total: 149 km (93 miles)

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Deleted AccountGood warm up for TGOR - looking forward to it
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3 years ago