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October 1, 2012

Sailing into Sale: Hollands Landing to Sale

Day 10
Hollands Landing to Sale
Monday 1 October 2012

An early start from Hollands Landing before the wind began in earnest had us in Sale by lunchtime with an enjoyable, steady ride. Sale is fairly spread out town, and it took some time to reach the central part of the town.

The Central Bakery was one of the first downtown buildings we came across in Sale. It looked good and was good. Several pies later we moved on the local Information Centre.

Rather than push on into a strong headwind, we decided to call it an early day. We booked into a cabin at the caravan park next to the Information Centre and spent time catching up on food shopping, tent drying, washing, bookings and bike checks.

Sale is a very pleasant town and a good place to stay.

We've made arrangements to meet family in central Melbourne by Saturday night. Looking at maps and distances, it should be reasonably easy to get there by Saturday, even if the headwinds persist. So there is no need to push hard to get to Melbourne.

Distance 56 km
Average 13.3 km/ hr
Maximum 42.6 km/ hr
4 hrs 10 mins riding

Looking inland toward the Strezlecki Ranges
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Coastal pasture
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Typical of today's road
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A roadside audience
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Of course...what other choice?
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Many wetlands like this along the way
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The campground guard duck...
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Our accommodation in Sale
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Port of Sale
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Good to see one of these walking instead of swooping out of the sun in a stuka dive. Dear reader...if you cycle tour in S.E. Australia or NZ in spring, be prepared for magpies to repeatedly swoop you from behind. That beak can hurt if it hits. Once on this tour did my helmet receive a really hard whack from a magpie. Usually they just clack and pass by, but occasionally they make contact. Note the evil eye :) Even for seasoned victims of swoops, they can deliver quite a fright.
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Today's ride: 56 km (35 miles)
Total: 697 km (433 miles)

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