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September 1, 1999

To Passau

Another somewhat longish day traveling upwind along the Danube.  Half of this distance, from Alsace to Passau, was along roads we had followed three years earlier on our ride from Prague to Paris.  I enjoyed seeing some of the same route - including in particular Alsace, and a bike ferry across the Danube.  We stopped for breaks twice - once in Aaschen for lunch, and once by the rocks at the river’s edge 40 km later.

Miscellaneous notes:

  • Rachael did badly the night before - her worst night.  She swore off tortellini after this.
  • I got my feet soaked when sitting by the river from the wake of a passing cruise ship.
  • A few periods of light showers, but nothing serious.
  • The hotel in Passau was the same one we stayed at previously.  I didn’t recognize this at first, until I bumped my head on the low overhanging ceiling.

(An elaboration on that final point.  This is one of those stories we’ve retold many times.  This must be the obvious first hotel you arrive at when you enter Passau from the east.  Both times we stayed here we had a second floor room under the eaves, with low wooden beams crossing the hallway.  I think we stayed in the same room and I brained myself on the same damn beam both times.

Also, I can’t find any photos from the day’s ride other than this grainy image of the foot passenger ferry.  I did much better three years earlier, biking to Passau on our ride from Prague to Paris.

One of the passenger ferries across the Danube, east of Passau.
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Patrick O'HaraWow, Scott. Sue and I were on this same boat on our tour from Prague to Venice!
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2 years ago
Scott AndersonTo Patrick O'HaraReally? When was it? Do you have a photo?
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2 years ago

Today's ride: 125 km (78 miles)
Total: 587 km (365 miles)

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