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From Krakow to Salzburg 1999 by Scott Anderson & Rachael Anderson

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Scott Anderson replied to a comment by Patrick O'Hara on a photo in To Passau

Really? When was it? Do you have a photo?

3 years ago
Patrick O'Hara commented on a photo in To Passau

Wow, Scott. Sue and I were on this same boat on our tour from Prague to Venice!

3 years ago
Graham Finch commented on Introduction

I was still using slides when we cycled in the early 2000s and I got my first digital SLR in 2005 - just after we left Austria. I bought one - a Minolta - in Germany. It was a good camera - the 7D.
At the time my wife had a small Sony, which I think is still working. It also took nice photos.
When we rode over that pass, it was the first good day of the year, so we were very lucky. There was deep snow at the top section.

3 years ago
Scott Anderson replied to a comment by Graham Finch on Introduction

Yes, and I should be 25 years younger, when Grossgluckner could make more sense. Actually, that was our plan on our tour in 1995 from Vienna to Venice by way of Budapest. We were in Graz and planning to go next to Salzburg and south over Grossgluckner but an early snow got in the way.

And yes - digital changed everything. I didn’t take all that many photos on those older tours, but I can’t believe so many got lost along the way. I can still picture some of them.

3 years ago
Graham Finch commented on Introduction

1999 - You've found yourselves a time machine of sorts!

That was the year I came here.

We've visited Salzburg and enjoyed the historic place. You should ride over Grassglockner Pass if you do head back.

Isn't it great to have digital photos now?

3 years ago