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Springtime stamp collecting in the Land of Morning Calm

By Kevin Stevens
1,329 km (825 miles) over 30 days between Apr. 25, 2022 and May 24, 2022

Pregame tailgate party

A tour that almost didn't happen and might still not heart 9
Fun with maps heart 6
The paperwork Olympics heart 7
Flexing our flexibility muscles heart 3
T-3 Pack rats heart 5
T-1 All systems GO! heart 5
Travel day: ain't no stoppin' us now! heart 6
Travel day, part 2: Incheon Boogaloo heart 5

국토종주 자전거길 (Cross-country Route)

Insert "Seoul" pun here: 인천[Incheon]-양수[Yangsu] heart 21
Warts and all: 양수[Yangsu]-흥호리[Heungho-ri] heart 23
Feeding frenzy: 흥호리[Heungho-ri]-수안보[Suanbo] heart 7
Misty mountain hop: 수안보[Suanbo]-상주보[Sangjubo] heart 14
Extreme crossover episode: 상주보[Sangjubo]-칠곡[Chilgok] heart 28
Take me home, country roads: 칠국[Chilgok]-청덕면[Cheongdeokmyeon] heart 39
Ain't no shame in walkin': 청덕면[Chungdeokmyeon]-삼랑진[Samnangjin] heart 42
Two days in two hours: 삼랑진[Samnangjin]-부산[Busan] heart 56

동해안자전거길 (East Coast Bicycle Path)

Travel day: 대구[Daegu]-강구[Ganggu] heart 8
Crab-o-rama: 강구[Ganggu]-산포리[Sanpo-ri] heart 17
Love rollercoaster: 산포리[Sanpo-ri]-삼천[Samcheon] heart 10
Nor'easter: 삼천[Samcheon]-연곡[Yeongok] heart 10
Working for the weekend: 연곡[Yeongok]-오호리[Oho-ri] heart 11
So close but yet so far: 오호리[Oho-ri]-통일전망대 인증센터(Unification Observatory Certification Center)-고성[Goseong] heart 16
Bonus! half-day: 고성[Goseong]-속초[Sokcho] heart 11

북한강자전거길 (North Han River Bike Path) and final days in Korea

Crush collision march: 속초[Sokcho]-춘천[Chuncheon]-가평읍[Gapyeong-eup] heart 14
Freebie buffet: 가평읍[Gapyeong-eup]-서울[Seoul] heart 7
Passport, please heart 1
Another break from the bikes heart 2
The big island: 서울 용산구[Seoul Yongsan-gu]-영종[Yeongjong] heart 1
The big island, part 2 heart 0
Trains, planes, and bicycle-mobiles heart 1
The end heart 1