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September 1, 2021

It’s a wrap!

I had an nice relaxing morning visiting with Janice and Duke. They each headed out on errands a couple of times while I caught up on Words With Friends. My opponents often had to wait 3-5 days between plays from my side while I toured. 

We cycled over 700 miles and met a lot of wonderful people (always the best part). I enjoyed seeing parts of the country that were new to me, specifically Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. I still love tent camping and cooking with my Jetboil!

The roads were almost all excellent with good shoulders, marked bike lanes, and courteous drivers. 

It is so nice to take a break from everyday life and go cycle touring. Now I am already thinking about my next trip!

Rose's thoughts...

I was up early, 3am. My Uber driver was early as well. I made it to my flight with plenty of time to spare. So spent the morning at the airport catching up on the blog. 

700 plus miles for the tour! We earned every bit of muscle, grit and rest by the end of each day. The highlights for me were  certainly the people we met and the friends we made. The scenery was gorgeous and the roads were accommodating most of the time. No one felt the urge to hit my pink pool noodle on this tour! Success! I found something to smile about and did my best to count my blessings each day. 

Touring on a paved path will spoil you. Yet there is so much beauty to be found off the beaten path. Cycle touring at a pace that is good for you will almost always result in seeing the beauty that life has to offer. 

Until next time, so long.

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John ScanlanKimsan,
I love the system that you used where it was no big deal to not pedal together during the day, but you still met up for meals together and to sleep that night.
So where to next?
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1 month ago
Lori CroweI’m so stinking proud of you! What an accomplishment!! And, I can’t wait to hear all the back stories. Welcome back to reality 😎🤣
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1 month ago
Rose Craig-KinnonThank you Lori! It was a great adventure. Can't wait to get my bike back and ride more!
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1 month ago